THANKYOU to These Supporters of Mercy Ships NZ and Me!

Without a Crew a Ship Can't Sail

Just like a ship needs a crew I couldn't be singing these songs of hope on "Hope On My Horizon" with Mercy Ships NZ without these incredible people "in the band" rocking the ship and the world! Scroll down to see the "crew" ...

Phill Patton

Arron Patterson

Colin Taberman

Chris Pegman

Clint Gibson

Sam Bakker

David Artinian

Graeme Carle

Lisa Lehr

Tom Carr

Carl Jukes

Callum McKinlay

Mike Renner

Christine McGrail

Trevor Cuttriss

Julie Folk


Dave Clark

Sandy Leadbetter

Anita Wicks

Phil Larsen

Simon Wright

Esther Garland

Gordon Hadfield

Ross Mason

Peter Diprose

Jay Lucas

Matthew Tommiczek

Give Back Act

Lee Morgan

Ruben Saragosa

Bill Eitel

Lisa Lehr