Here's To Your House Concert Success!

Here's the help to make your House Concert an awesome event!

  • Download Invite Flyers

    Here’s pre-prepared flyers for you to use. They’re easy to design if you want to do something different! A few of your own personal words from you at the top of the invitation will help more than anything: this isn’t just a general campaign, it’s something you’re personally doing – maybe say a word or two about why. People care more about that than any flashy graphics! Click to get the pre-made ones.

  • House Concert Checklist and Guide

    You’re gonna have an awesome House Concert and I’m here to help and these resources will get you started and make your House Concert fantastic fun, just follow our House Concert Checklist and use the House Concert Guide – download them here

  • Press Resources To Share

    To help get people excited you can use these “press resources” in whole or part – a bio, and a description of the music from 2 Music Critics. I recommend sharing links to your favourite song or video of mine. Photos also work great, but linking to them is better than attaching them due to their size – here’s my Press Gallery you can link to.