As Musical Ambassador with Mercy Ships NZ I had to share this with you!

Kadidja hid from other children because of her cleft lip. “She was ashamed to go out in public because she saw that she was not like the other children,” her mother Ramata explained.

Your generosity in supporting my music helps provide surgery that was previously out of reach; but more importantly, it removes insurmountable physical and social barriers.  Certainly, Kadidja’s cleft lip made it hard to eat, difficult to speak clearly, and impossible to purse her lips to kiss. But this sweet little four-year-old was mocked when she left her home, which minimised the prospect of gaining an education and being a meaningful part of her community.

Thanks to generous fans like you, Kadidja’s smile is now restored. This sparkling little girl is now heading into a promising new future and her mother Ramata says she’s so happy she could dance, dance, dance!
You have changed the trajectory of Kadidja’s life – you ROCK!

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