U2 RHCP Aerosmith PinkRecording after 20 years of silence I figured I’d bang out some tunes at a local studio. I never expected this crazy ride! In Jan I found myself at Enterprise Studios, North Hollywood. I never planned or paid for studio time. This “crazy chance” became surreal when I read the studio plaque! Here’s my video inside the studios to see why I’m blown away…

Did you see the list of artists who have worked in the studios? Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2, Aerosmith (going back aways there …), Celine Dion (eek!), Christina Aguilera, Megadeath(?!?!), Korn, Marilyn Manson (maybe that’s not so good), Black Eyed Peas, System of a Down, Beyonce, and Pink … and me 🙂 I worked on the album mixes for you in the very same rooms that this list of artists have worked in!!!

Now I know that’s kinda unbelievable but I’m getting kind of used to crazy “coincidences” occurring as I’ve been working on this album project … and this is the latest in a long line of “coincedences”! So maybe I’m just lucky?!?!?!? Well, here’s one of my favourite sayings – “luck is what a fool calls it when God gives him a break”  – and we just got another BIG break :p

So what do you think about that?!?!? Comment beloooooooooow 🙂