I love all my kids so much but that doesn’t mean I agree with all their choices.

I guess my Dad felt the same about me as I was forging my life as an adult. He never really said much about my choices but I wish he’d told me when he thought I was getting it right … and even when I was getting it wrong.

My youngest son Jesse reminds me of that … he’s forsaken me and my love for rock music!

Instead of making guitar driven rock tunes he’s an Electronic Music Producer releasing his Drum and Bass album today in LA under his moniker ‘Koronis’. The funny thing is it’s not on iTunes or even on a CD. It’s not even on a tape like my first album was.

He’s releasing his album ‘Replicant’ on vinyl so you have to use a needle to get it!


It’s truly amazing to see him following his dreams in LA with music success in such a short time!

It’s such a privilege that he’s following in my footsteps … although he’s missing out on the huge rock guitars and power vocals bit :p

Take a listen to this Koronis track and leave me a comment below on whether you think Koronis is a “chip off the old block”?!?!?


Jesse’s Dad [aka Peter Woolston]

PS Jesse … you ROCK! I’m so proud 😀


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