I’ve had my ears glued to my studio monitors, car stereo, headphones, iPhone & laptop speakers since my last post as I’ve been listening to and reviewing the amazing mixes Josh has been doing – this is an incredible privilege to have Andy and Josh in this project – they’re making world-class music for you guys. How world class?

What’s playing on Paris radio now …

The songs aren’t even finished but already a radio station in Paris has picked up Dead Man Walking and put it on air! Imagine, together, where we’re gonna take this music when the tracks are finished!

I bet you never thought the process of recording and releasing took this much work huh?!?!?!?! If only a global record company came along and signed me up and did it all for me while I sat in a Parisian cafe drinking espresso … and was BORED! I’m having so much fun doing this for all you guys all over the world – you are my precious musical family and I can’t wait to get the songs and more out to you!

Stay tuned (in comedian circles that’s referred to a call-back to the previous news about the Paris radio station … and you thought my lame jokes didn’t even have any thought to them :p)!