patienceWrite some songs for you? Give me a few minutes …

Make a recording? Let me just setup that mic …

Send it off to get CD’s? I’ll just submit that online …

It all seemed so SIMPLE to take the songs I’ve written for you, get them recorded and sent your way – until I met my next challenge.

The Producer.

What was God thinking when He told me to seek out a Producer so I could make these songs the best they could be instead of just spinning out something hacked together in my home studio???!?!?! Was He off His rocker or something?!?!?!

It’s been over a year going backwards and forwards trying to find the right Producer for my Recording Project and many times I thought I was sooooo close. But it still turns out that I have to wait for a few more backwards and forwards still!


So here I am – at the crossroads of Patience and Perseverance struggling to let them do their full work in my life …. AGAIN!

It seems that God is not ONLY interested in me recording these songs as a high quality product so they give you hope and courage to face the challenges of life with patience and perseverance – but He also wants to make sure I continue to grow the same patience and perseverance … who ever thought God wasn’t cunning eh?

Soon enough I will have nailed down the Producer (no … I don’t mean that literally but the thought did occur to me while writing this) and then I’ll be giving you the chance to be involved in the Recording project – c’mon …. you don’t think I want all the fun to myself do ya? :p

Until then I’ll keep pumping patience and perseverance into my own life so I can then share it with you in the songs 🙂

Keep on rocking this world and don’t give up or give in!


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