I’m a Kiwi – NOT an American. I married a “California girl” and all my kids are American Citizens Born Abroad so being close to Americans but “not included” I get an interesting perspective. So what’s my take on Independence Day from the outside looking in? What does “freedom” mean to a Kiwi on the 4th of July?

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles (despite revisionists telling the world a different story) by those that were willing to leave family and homes to go to a nation dedicated to religious liberty. The 4th of July remembers those that share faith, but don’t share the freedoms of America, and gives everyone a chance to help preserve all people’s liberties throughout the world.

The Fourth of July is a day the USA celebrates it’s independence as a nation. 2013’s July 4th celebration is significant given the realities of religious persecution around the world are more visible today than ever before. Today in Egypt for example the ‘democratic’ government was removed by the military which leave Egypt’s Christians wondering if they will lose all their civil liberties. America was born to celebrate freedoms and to remember those freedoms are precious while taking the opportunity to consider the many blessings enjoyed in her history that began with the Declaration of Independence, a document that recognizes that we have rights given by God, not by governments.

Freedom is never cheap.

America paid for her’s by the blood of patriots, of fathers and mothers, and July 4 remembers with gratitude all those who have given their lives to preserve and continue freedom and most particularly the first freedom, freedom of religion.

So as a Kiwi who believes in freedom I just want to say … “Happy Birthday America – have a great 4th of July!”.