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I’ve played gigs with over 5000 people and streamed worldwide to audiences over 10,000 viewers. But once you look pas the smoke and lights what are you left with? I want to make music that touches lives and gives hearts courage.

The simple problem of logistics in a big gig makes that a real problem. Everyone in the audience will tell you to your face it was “awesome” but with a huge crowd you can’t look everyone in the eye and find out where they’re at and how much of a difference you’ve really made through the sweat and songs. I really don’t care for the fame or glamour – I care about connecting with people in an authentic empowering way so I have to say playing the big gigs can sometimes feel disappointing when the music has faded and the gear is all packed down.

While I was reading some news feeds about other musicians who play big gigs I came across instances of them doing small tailored concerts. Frankly I was really surprised and wondered why on earth they would do that. Why would Switchfoot show up at someone’s house to play for them and their friends when they could fill a stadium? Why would Kevin Max (Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk) get up close and personal singing in someone’s living room? Why are so many artists scaling down instead of scaling up to play their songs live????

I quickly realised from talking to music lovers that small intimate gigs are as powerful as large concerts but they have an authenticity and personal touch. I have gotta say that for me thinking small is much tougher, much more threatening and more visceral to play to 20 people where every word I sing and every chord I strum is fully present and up close and personal rather than being blown up onto a gargantuan stage screen or wrapped in lights and smoke by a camera. But that’s my musician viewpoint. What do you the audience think about all of this? The only way to find out is to ask you a few questions about your concert experiences to get an accurate idea of things from the audiences viewpoint. Please help me out right here and take my 1 minute survey – Yep … You should be able to finish it in 1 minute! You’ll be shaping how I bring music to you and others in the best possible way. So complete the survey above 😀

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