Life can have tough situations.

We all want a better life. Just give me good times.

I sometimes wonder if God isn't listening. Maybe He knows something about living life that I don't.

Even the nicest people have a fair share of tough times. It may seem unfair when on a normal day difficult times can show up. So do the questions. Sometimes answers don't.

No matter how rich or poor, how positive or realistic, we all end up having to conquer a crisis that comes along

I'm always inspired by people who turn their life around. They can be in hard times. They don't pretend they're not. They look life straight in the eye. They rise up with resilience to keep going forward. They make good of the bad situation. 

It's like they sing at the storm. They roar an anthem of hope. They acknowledge their trying times but move onward into what blocks their path.

Scratched out a half-baked plan

My song "Hope On My Horizon" goes to this place. It's a place of desperation. It makes them move forward despite everything else. Even when reality kicks the front door in and bullies them into a corner. Life can be stacked against us. We can have more than our fair share of tough times.

It's what happens then that seems to make all the difference. At that moment do we take courage and ask ourselves "What will I do?". Changing our situation, changing others around us – sometimes isn't an option open to us. Changing our own attitude and deciding to forge ahead can free us.

"You won't make it" might scream inside my head but I'll do my best just to find a way

The people who turn their lives around face the naysayers. The voices of others, the voices in their heads, that tell them to give in.

They still keep going despite

  • their struggles
  • their doubts
  • their obstacles
I’ll scale this ladder one rung at a time cos views get better only as you climb

They catch sight of what could be – not what is – it's their fuel through the tough times.

They strike a match and set the fuel alight. It's a blaze that is hard to stop once it gets started. It can become a wildfire of hope.

I see hope on my horizon

If your normal life has hit a snag.

Don't give up despite the pain.

Don't give in to the turmoil of the place you're in.

Sing at the storm.

Look up and see hope.