It's Time This Alternative Rock Artist Told The Truth About Money and Music

It's Time This Alternative Rock Artist Told The Truth About Money and Music

It's time to confess.

Most of us musicians struggle with identity and self-worth. Imagine putting yourself out there for everyone to hear, everyone to see, everyone to experience YOU. Your talent is your heart on it's on public display for all to see. You have to ask "Why would you do it?". 

Each and every one of us artists has something that drives our music. For some, it’s the simple pursuit of fame. For others, it’s a longing for glory or the affections of a pretty girl that channels their musical passions.

Yet, for me as an alternative rock artist, there is a greater, higher passion that fuels my music making and drives me to share the intrinsic truth that we are loved and not alone, challenging us to use what we've got to make make the world a better place.

It’s a mission I've spent a long time exploring and one that I don't take lightly.

What Does An Alternative Rock Artist Do With Some Profit?

What Does An Alternative Rock Artist Do With Some Profits?

That's why I want to give away $10,000 from my sales.

  • I gave away over $1,600 in 2017.
  • I gave away over $4,300 in 2018.
  • I gave away $3,500 in 2019.

Is it just that I'm crazy?? Maybe. It's also due to my drive to give away part of my music sales to Mercy Ships NZ. They give FREE healthcare to the poorest people on our planet.

I can't help myself helping them when I know what they do:

  • Removing tumors that save lives
  • Straightening bent legs so children can run and play
  • Healing burned bodies so they work like new again
Before Mercy Ships NZ. After

Helping Mercy Ships NZ heal people with money from my music merchandise sales drives me on.🎧

I want to give $10,000 to Mercy Ships NZ. That's a huge challenge to anyone.

But I know fans of this alternative rock artist love helping others.

This isn't about asking you for money. It's about a simple solution to the problem. When I sell more merch – Mercy Ships NZ get more money to heal others. 

How do I do that? Another simple answer – having musical merch that fans enjoy and want to share with others.

What merch do people like … and hate? That's where you help! When you answer that question you help me on the journey to give $10,000 away.

YOU have the answer to the question. YOU can make this happen.

Tell me what merchandise fans want and together we can work towards giving away $10,000 to Mercy Ships NZ. I want people just like you, awesome fans like you, to have the merch you want that helps heal the sick! It's how we can raise the funds to give to Mercy Ships NZ to heal the sick together.

Click to tell me what merch you would want … plus I'll throw in a gift for you as a reward :D. Let's do this together!