201309 FF 67 percentThe newest news is my RocketHub EP fundraising campaign lifted off 5 days ago and already we’re at 67%!!! [CLICK FOR THE LATEST RESULT]

How would you like to get the EP before anyone else?

What about back-door online access to live sessions in the studio while we’re recording?

I’d love to have you join me for an exclusive “Evening of Espresso” sharing coffee and music!

You could even feature in a music video or be on the EP recording itself!

mercy ships LogoThis Recording Project is not about prancing around in a studio recording some songs. If you climb on board you’ll also help those who are sick and suffering in West Africa through my partnership with Mercy Ships NZ. The song I wrote for Mercy Ships NZ “Hope On My Horizon” kick-started this whole project and Mercy Ships NZ will not only get to use the song for free but they’ll also get 50% of profits of the sale of the song too!

So all you need to do is select the “Rock the Boat Reward” you’d like and you’ll not only help power this RocketHub project but you’ll bring hope and healing to West Africa.

Come on – get on board with me and Mercy Ships NZ and let’s rock this boat together!


Music With A Mission to Rock This Boat