10/15/13: It’s been a BIG 24 hours! We had a whole bunch more people jump on board and we sailed past the $2,000 mark and are now past $2,100 too! All because of Phil Larsen, Olivia Jacob (who funded for a 2nd time in the campaign), Clint and Mark Smith.



10/14/13: It’s great to have a bunch of support from Dawn King, Steven Black, Lisa Lehr Khuraibet and Arron Patterson all packed in to a single day! You guys rock!


10/11/13: It’s my birthday on Oct 22 while I’m in the studio recording this project so instead of getting gifts I’m adding more rewards! Have a look below and grab them before time is UP!

  • I’m going to randomly select TWO people (below the Breve Boatswain Reward level) to each get a bag of my favourite coffee, personally selected by me, from Altura – New Zealand’s award winning coffee roaster – it’s the ONLY coffee I love to drink!
  • News and updates on a private web page with the latest milestones, progress and step-by-step “goings on” during the recording, manufacture, design and release of the EP
  • A personal handwritten “thank you” postcard sent out by mail … old school I know!
  • Watch over my shoulder as I pen the words that finally became the EP songs! You’ll seeing me crafting or killing all my crazy lyric ideas – you’ll watch a time-lapse development of the EP songs – the death of the words that didn’t make the cut and those that made it!
  • During the evening of one of the days recording at The Grove Studios in Sydney join me for “fireside chat session” with YOU – the supporters of the project – we can ‘chat’ online about what’s been happening in the studio, who’s been laying down the tracks, the challenges we’ve had, the success, behind the scenes stories and how good the coffee is [very very important!] plus anything else you want to talk about while I’m at the studios – this is your chance to do an online real-time interview during an ongoing recording project
  • I’ll give you a Private Concert – in person anywhere within 300km of Auckland OR online streamed to you anywhere in the world. Grab your friends at your place, or have me show up at your church, or put on your own gig – it’s your choice  – this reward is available for this level only or Mocha Maritime Pilot level or above

Get the rewards before it’s too late – only 6 days left!

10/11/13: With Donna backing this we’re almost at $1700 … will YOU push us over?

10/10/13: It’s fantastic having Simon and Matt – a couple of Wellington boys – pushing us on and  showing us how it’s done … so who’s gonna put us past $1700 – will it be the Wellingtonian’s who show the rest of the world how to rock the boat?

10/01/13: There’s a couple more videos for you to watch:
See what happens when Mercy Ships NZ sails into West Africa – it’s mercy in action and where my song “Hope On My Horizon” gets some of its inspiration from

[insert MS video here]

And there’s the “who’s who” of contributors in a video update of our journey so far

[insert update video here]


09/15/13: We’ve undocked and the first person on-board is Graeme! Thanks so much for going on this voyage with me and Mercy Ships Graeme! You Rock this Boat!