25 years ago the World’s Population reached five billion, Clive Sinclair launched the Z88 Portable Computer weighing under 2lbs, U2 topped the charts singing “With or Without You”, and The Princess Bride hit the big screens!

Just like U2’s song and The Princess Bride I had my own fairy tale romance too – Miriam and I got married Dec 19 in 1987.

Today we’re celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. 25 years have just sped by … but some things are still the same. I remember singing to Miriam at our wedding and while I sang the room literally disappeared … just like in the movies. Miriam can still do that to me – she can make the room fade away “with just one vertigo glance across the drowning crowd”.

Here’s my song “Fade Away” that I wrote for Miriam that I figured you might enjoy too.

It’s true that us men don’t do sacrifice particularly well – that is unless you put a cold steel gun in our hands and tell us to “go take that thar’ hill” and we’ll do crazy courageous things. But what is courage – I heard a great definition once that goes like this: “Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the acknowledgement of fear and the choice to continue with the course of action anyway”. That’s so similar to loving someone – being afraid that you could get hurt or being unsure as to how things might turn out but then pushing past this and loving them anyway.

How do you spell love that’s spanned 25 years? Simple really – ” C O M M I T M E N T”

In our 25 years we’ve had times when we didn’t have the money to pay the bills. We’ve had times when people around us were attacking us leaving us isolated and mistreated. We’ve had times when we’re not sure how this marriage thing can work. Any of those things is enough to destroy a marriage and dash it to pieces.

But Miriam’s my girl and I’m her’s – we’re committed to love and care for each other and in doing so all these trials and tests fade away. I hope and pray you find someone who can make it all “Fade Away” for you too!

Take care and make a comment below!