I admit it! I should be more confident in my music and myself but I’m taking my songs for the upcoming recording project to one of the best Producers in the industry and it’s making a little nervous!

I’ve been recording the demo’s in my project studio but I’m worried. You’d think it’s the tens of thousands of dollars it’ll cost me for studio time, engineering or session musicians [I’ve still got to come up with that] . But that’s another story …

It’s not the hours of hard work that recording and writing takes – I’m happy to do that because I want to make the best songs I can for all you supporters 🙂

To be honest the thing that’s on my mind is the challenge of taking the music – that I’ve been writing for you, my fans – to someone at the top of the industry.

When I met the Producer he told me he DOESN’T need to record any more musicians or make any more albums. He’s at the top of his game and can pick and choose what projects he gets involved in.

If you could sit across the table and eyeball this crème de la crème Music Producer what would you say to him? Why do you think he should do this recording with me? What would you tell him? Tell me what you think and I might even give him a piece of your mind 🙂

I’ve almost finished up the demo’s for him and because you’re part of my mailing list with a Backstage Pass I’ll let you here some of them soon.

But before you go remember to give me a piece of your mind … so I can give it to the Producer! Just comment below, and together we can make Music With A Mission To Rock This World!